Leadership Team

The CTA Leadership Team is a volunteer-run Board of Directors. The elected members of the Board—president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer—are elected for a two-year term and all CTA members in good standing are eligible to vote. Elections are held in the spring of even-numbered years. In addition, the Board appoints volunteers to help with additional tasks. We currently have appointed a webmaster, membership coordinator, social media coordinator and a mentoring program coordinator.

Mery Molenaar


Mery has been active in the translation community for about 10 years. She is ATA-certified for translations from English into Dutch and holds degrees in Translation, Education and Physics.

Mery was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to the US in 1993. She worked as a math and science teacher in the Netherlands, Tanzania and the US for several years before dedicating her career to translation.

Mery previously served as treasurer and webmaster for CTA and is also Assistant Administrator for the ATA Science & Technology. She lives in east Boulder County with her husband, two teenage sons, and four cats.

Rosabelle White Aguirre de Rice

Vice President

Rosabelle is a translator and interpreter who helps bridge gaps in understanding between both Northern South American Dialects of Spanish in addition to various Mexican variations of Spanish. She was born in Ecuador, and lived in the United States, Mexico and England. Rosabelle graduated from Notre Dame in 1989 and has been certified as a Federal Court Interpreter since 1995 and as a Health Interpreter since 2011 in the Spanish language.

Rosabelle Rice is also certified as a translator from Spanish to English since 2017 and is an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2014. She has developed 2 interpretation courses for the M.A. in Translation and Interpretation.

Martina Heine-Kilic


Martina is German translator, Project Manager and Voice-over artist, living in Denver, Colorado. She grew up in Germany and moved to Mexico as a teenager. After graduating High School in Mexico City, Martina lived in France, Italy and Germany before moving to the US in 1996. She received her Master’s degree in Translation from the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg Germany. Besides her commitment to the profession for almost twenty years, Martina is a voting member in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA), Secretary of the Colorado Translators Association (CTA) and served on the board of the Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association (MITA) in Dallas for many years.

Kate Avdeeva


Ekaterina (Kate) is an English-Russian translator specializing in business, education, and law. Joining CTA in 2016, she started actively volunteering with monthly meetings, International Translators Day, Annual Summer Picnic, helping with the Annual Holiday Dinner and Conference preparation. Kate graduated from the Linguistic University in her home country Russia. Additionally, she studied the International Business in Vancouver, Canada. Due to her marriage, she moved to the USA in 2014, and she is residing with her husband and cat in Denver. Currently Kate is improving her interpretation skills taking classes with an experienced instructor at the local college to serve the community.

Laurel Klafehn

Laurel Klafehn

Media Coordinator

Laurel Klafehn spends her days working as a Legal Assistant for the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network. She is grateful for this work because of the invaluable service it provides to individuals and families seeking legal status here in the US and because of the bilingual language opportunities the work provides. On the side, she is an aspiring Spanish translator/interpreter. She recently graduated from Community College of Aurora, where she earned a Certificate of Translation and Interpretation. Laurel hopes to use her language skills for good, and is excited to help empower other translators and interpreters by serving as the Social Media Coordinator for CTA.

Ilona Mason

Ilona Mason

Membership Coordinator

Ilona Mason is a Ukrainian-Russian-English translator. She was born and raised in the Ukraine, and moved to the United States in 2001. She holds a degree in accounting from the Ukraine, her home country. Ilona is new to the profession and very enthusiastic about the field. She is currently working on becoming a certified medical and court interpreter . She lives in Thornton, Colorado with her husband, two daughters and two dogs.

Maria Romero

Mentoring Program Coordinator

Maria is an English-Spanish translator specializing in the medical field. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she taught phonetics and general linguistics. Maria has lived in France, Mexico, and Argentina. She has called Colorado her home for over three years and joined CTA in 2017. In addition to her full-time job as a translator, Maria is attending college for a Certification in Interpretation.

Asnat Macoosh


Asnat graduated from McGill University in Montreal with an M.Sc. in Computer Science and has worked as both a computer scientist and English <> French/Canada translator.