Firenze a Tavola

Firenze a Tavola

By Riccardo Schiaffino Some people say that the only thing Italians take seriously is food, but that is clearly not … Read more

Why Translation Conferences are so Important

December 18, 2017

Professional translators are spoiled for choice when it comes to translation conferences. No matter where you live, the chances are that you’re never too far from a translation conference venue: a guest blog by Louise Taylor, content manager at Tomedes.

CTA Mentoring Program

CTA’s New Mentoring Program

By Ulrike Anderson
CTA Membership Coordinator

Following in the ATA’s footsteps, CTA is launching its own mentoring program in 2018.
The idea of a mentoring program had been tossed around between the board and several long-term members for quite some time. As membership continued to grow, and we experienced an influx of new student members, the possibility of such a program became a necessity. The new CTA program is specifically designed to be highly flexible and intended to be rewarding to both mentor and mentee.