From President Thaïs Lips

Newsletter Content:

  • Resignation of CTA Vice President Jim McMillan
  • CTA Social Media Coordinator Marion Rhodes stepping in as interim vice president
  • Need for new CTA social media coordinator
  • Reminder about our CTA Summer Pool Party

Hello CTAers:

I hope you are enjoying summer and some vacation time. The 4th of July is approaching, but your CTA Board is still working on some emergent issues of which we want to inform you and for which we ask your cooperation.

  • As per the CTA Board meeting on June 7, 2015, Jim McMillan decided to step down from his position as CTA Vice President because he felt he cannot fulfill the required communication needs of the Board. We thank Jim for his work.
  • The Board held a virtual, extraordinary meeting on June 29 to decide the best course to deal with the vice president’s vacancy. Our Social Media Coordinator Marion Rhodes has agreed to step in as interim vice president until the next election. Marion has been serving as media coordinator since early 2013 and is familiar with the affairs of the Board, and for this reason, she was approved unanimously. Welcome Marion!

Meeting minutes are always available to members. If you want to read them, please contact our secretary, Rachel Sinn, at gro.bew-atc@yraterces.

  • With Marion’s new responsibilities, we would need a new social media coordinator. If you enjoy writing and working with social media and would like to become more involved with CTA while giving your own freelance business a professional boost in the process, please contact me at gro.bew-atc@tnediserpatc and Marion at gro.bew-atc@tnediserpeciv to let us know of your intentions and why you think you would make a good social media coordinator. We’d also be happy to answer any questions about the requirements of this position.

Comments? Please don’t forget about our https://cta-web.org/suggestions-box/ .

And don’t forget that we can’t do much without your participation and support!

See you soon,

Thaïs Lips