Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Translators and interpreters perform similar tasks, but in different settings. A translator converts written material from one language (the source language) into a different language (the target language), while an interpreter converts spoken material, for example during a conference, meeting, or a telephone call.

CTA generally hosts two certification exam sittings per year in the Denver/Boulder area. One is held during our Annual Conference, and a second in the fall. Other sittings are held across the country throughout the year. For information and registration, visit

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Membership Questions

Our new membership system is fully automated. Shortly before your membership expires, you will be notified by email of your membership renewal. This email notice will contain instructions on how to renew.

Yes, anyone becoming a new member or renewing their membership between July 1 and November 30 of any given year will pay prorated membership dues.

Our membership drive starts December 1st. If you wait until January to renew, you will not benefit from the $10 renewal discount.

No, unfortunately that is not the case. Although CTA is an ATA chapter, our membership systems are separate. ATA members are not automatically members of CTA and vice versa.

No, candidates for the ATA exam must join ATA at least four weeks prior to the exam date, but do not need to be CTA members. For more information, please visit the page ATA Certification Exam.