Membership Assistance Program



January 29, 2015

Membership Assistance Program 


To provide temporary, in-kind assistance to current CTA members who are experiencing personal hardship as a result of illness, injury, calamity or other circumstances causing a negative material impact on their ability to exercise their professional labors and earn income.


The Board, at its discretion, may authorize disbursement of no more than $150.00 for the purpose of providing non-monetary support to current members who are experiencing temporary difficulties due to illness, injury, calamity or other circumstances causing a negative material impact on their ability to earn an income from their CTA-related professional work. This support may take the form of a series of pre-prepared meals or vouchers good for services or goods intended to ease the suffering of the member and demonstrate the Association’s solidarity with him/her in a challenging time.


Any member may nominate another member for assistance under this program by writing to one the Board and providing information on the nature and extent of the difficulties faced by the member who would benefit from the program’s assistance. The description should include a statement describing how the difficulty impacts the member’s ability to earn income exercising his/her CTA-related professional labors and the expected length of the member’s need, if known, and any suggestion for the type of assistance proposed for the member.

The nomination shall be reviewed for approval by the Board as per the Bylaws. The Board may authorize expenditure of up to $150.00 to purchase goods or services for the beneficiary member and present the support to the member as a subsidy from the Association in the name of all the members.

It is not anticipated that any member shall receive assistance from this program more than once in a substantial period of time, however the Board may, under extraordinary circumstances, authorize up to two disbursements of assistance for a single beneficiary for a related reason during a single twelve-month period, in the case of extended hardship and suffering by the member.

Board members shall exercise due care to ensure that the program is administered in a fair and impartial manner and that disbursements are made only under extraordinary circumstances of hardship.