Student Sponsorship Program

The Colorado Translators Association (CTA) is committed to provide a career support network and professional contacts among translators, interpreters, and translation buyers, in and around Colorado. We promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, practices, and competence in the translation/interpretation industry. What makes our association unique is how seriously we take each individual’s professional development, our contact with related professional organizations and the media. At CTA, we understand that we all started somewhere as a translator or interpreter. It is because of this that we have created the CTA Student Sponsorship Program.

We believe that the translation and interpretation industry is an essential part of our society. That is why we give students who want to become a professional translator and/or interpreter the opportunity to join a community that will help the student grow into a well-rounded professional in the industry by exposing them to other professionals.

What does the CTA Student Sponsorship Program offer?

  • Three (3) sponsorships to cover early-bird CTA student member registration to attend one (1) day of the Annual CTA Conference*
  • Three (3) sponsorships to cover early-bird ATA student member registration to attend the Saturday conference of the ATA (American Translators Association) Conference*

*Note that the sponsorship will not cover the full cost of the conference.

Students can apply even if they have been previously awarded a sponsorship. Two applications are required if the student wishes to apply for both conferences.

Who qualifies?

Students who show a great interest in becoming a professional translator and/or interpreter. In order to be considered, students must be enrolled in a Colorado

  • high school, having completed at least three years of foreign language education, or
  • higher education program, full or part-time, related to translation, interpretation or languages

How to apply

  1. Submit the form below by February 1st to apply for the CTA Conference, and July 1st to apply for the ATA Conference
  2. Submit the following documentation as PDF as part of the application form
    • A copy of a recent transcript showing evidence of current enrollment in the program and/or language course completion
    • A letter of 200-300 words explaining why you want to become a professional in this industry and why you should receive this sponsorship

Recipients will be announced by March 1 for CTA and August 1 for ATA.

Recipient Obligations

The sponsorship recipient agrees to:

  1. Notify CTA within two (2) weeks from the date you receive the confirmation email, indicating acceptance of the sponsorship
  2. Join the Colorado Translators Association as a student member
  3. Write a brief review of the conference experience for the CTA blog (around 300 words)
  4. Participate in CTA’s free Mentoring Program throughout the following year (higher education students only)
  5. Present a poster at the CTA Conference (higher education students who attend the ATA conference only) the following year

Unclaimed Awards

If CTA does not receive an acceptance of sponsorship confirmation email, the award will be offered to another student.

Questions? Email gro.bew-atc@pihsrosnops.

Application form

Application deadline is February 1st for the CTA Conference and July 1st for the ATA Conference.

Student Sponsorship
Address *
I am *
Which conference are you applying for? *
Are you a member of CTA and/or ATA? *
Upload your transcript as a PDF (max. 2MB) *
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Upload your letter as a PDF (max. 2MB) *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
By submitting this application, I confirm that I have read and understand the recipient obligations outlined above and that all submitted information is complete and correct. *

The CTA Student Sponsorship Program can be modified or altered at any time without notice.