CTA Conference Student Posters

Each student will present their own poster. Student posters should be a visual representation of research, scholarly, or creative work related to translation, interpreting, localization or linguistics.

Time Commitment: Students must be available from 11:00 to 4:00 pm on the day of the conference. Set-up starts at 8:00 am. Students may attend conference sessions during the day, but should be available to answer questions during coffee breaks.

Poster Content: Your poster should present a topic of your choice related to translation, interpreting, localization or linguistics. Posters should be able to give a clear representation of your topic without any explanation from you.

Poster Specifications:  A 48” by 36” laminated poster. A tri-fold will be provided to you. For a quick set up, you may bring several binder clips so that your poster can be quickly pinned to the tri-fold. Alternatively, you may also bring your own tri-fold (48″ wide by 36″ high) already prepared. Additional materials to set up the poster, as well as computers and/or other technological devices needed for the presentation, is the responsibility of each presenter.

Location: Students will be provided a table in the Main Foyer to display their poster.

Note that this is a general area and that the building will be open to the public during our conference. CTA and NCAR are not liable for loss of or damage to laptop computers or other devices or materials.

Suggestions on Poster Design

  • Do not crowd the poster with too much content or too small a font size
  • Choose a few good colors to keep the poster easy to view
  • Handouts are good way to supply attendees with additional information that you could not include in your poster presentation, but are not required

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