Sean Stromberg

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Sean Stromberg

If you attended the 9th Annual CTA Conference in April, you probably met Sean Stromberg at the book signing table where he sold signed copies of his book “Legal Terminology Dictionary – A bilingual Dictionary for Legal translation and Court Interpreting.” Sean is a Spanish-English court interpreter and recently joined the Colorado Translators Association. Learn more about Sean’s work, his new book, and his other passions in life.

Corinne McKay

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Corinne McKay

By Mery Molenaar, CTA President
January 11, 2019
I have had the great pleasure of interviewing Corinne McKay, French-to-English translator, former CTA president, and current president of the American Translators Association (ATA). Learn more about her work, favorite book, tips for beginning translators, and how she manages to balance a busy and successful career with her “other” life.

Karen Tkaczyk

CTA welcomes Karen Tkaczyk to Colorado

By Thaïs Lips, CTA President
September 18, 2014
The Colorado Translators Association has gained a new member who may be known to many in the translation industry: Karen Tkaczyk, a French into English technical translator, recently moved to beautiful Colorado and joined our association. It was my pleasure having Karen over for lunch and having the chance to discuss our profession with such a dedicated and thorough professional. Also a great cook, she was nice enough to share her Poires pochées au vin rouge (Red Wine-Poached Pears) recipe with me!

Riccardo Schiaffino

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Riccardo Schiaffino

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Coordinator
August 18, 2014
Imagine translating without the help of the Internet – or the computer for that matter. The tools that have become indispensable to today’s translators haven’t been around all that long. Today, we talk to a translator who has witnessed the changes in our industry over the past three decades: Riccardo Schiaffino, an ATA-certified English into Italian technical translator and president of Aliquantum, Inc., in Denver.

Meet our Colorado Translators: Elizabeth Blount

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Coordinator
June 2, 2014
Today, we are getting to know Elizabeth Blount, a French and Dutch into English translator from Denver. Elizabeth has a master’s degree in French linguistics and a bachelor’s degree in modern languages (French and Spanish) with a minor in physics. When she is not translating, she can often be found making music, whether it’s singing with a local jazz band or learning French chanson on her guitar.

Yvonne Páez

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Yvonne Páez

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Director
December 15, 2013
In today’s edition of Meet Our Colorado Translators, I am talking to Yvonne Páez of Páez Translations, who has been a member of CTA for two years. Yvonne translates and interprets from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English and has been a translator/interpreter for more than 20 years.

Eve Bodeux

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Eve Bodeux

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Director
October 16, 2013
Today, we are talking to Eve Bodeux, an active member of the Colorado Translators Association who served as vice president of CTA for four years. Eve translates from French into English and works both as a translator and as a project manager. She is also co-host of the online learning platform Speaking of Translation, where she offers free webinars together with her colleague and fellow CTA member Corinne McKay.

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Rosabelle Rice

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Director
July 8, 2013
We at the Colorado Translators Association pride ourselves in a special sense of community among our fellow Colorado translators and interpreters. To further increase the camaraderie among our colleagues and to spotlight CTA members for the rest of the world, we are starting a new, regular feature on this blog called “Meet Our Colorado Translators,” where we will introduce our members with a brief interview. Today’s guest is Rosabelle Rice, a federally and medically certified interpreter, translator and trainer in the language combination English and Spanish.