Jennifer Nielsen

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Jennifer Nielsen

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Coordinator
January 26, 2015
Many translators have unique stories of how they ended up where they are today. Take CTA member Jennifer Nielsen, a Spanish-into-English translator and owner of Spanish 2 English Translations. In this interview, she tells CTA about her path that has led her from behind a desk at the Colorado DMV to the business world of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Yvonne Páez

Meet Our Colorado Translators: Yvonne Páez

By Marion Rhodes, CTA Social Media Director
December 15, 2013
In today’s edition of Meet Our Colorado Translators, I am talking to Yvonne Páez of Páez Translations, who has been a member of CTA for two years. Yvonne translates and interprets from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English and has been a translator/interpreter for more than 20 years.